Teletherapy tool for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
The best and most affordable way to start video therapy with EMDR-stimulation

EMDR Teletherapy

Register & Setup in no time. is a hosting platform for secure and reliable peer to peer video conferences with integrated EMDR-stimulation.
Therapists can now easily schedule sessions with their clients, without the need for additional tools such as an EMDR-bar. A visual EMDR-animation is included with
Host & client window. Host with EMDR-controls.

Left: Therapist's view with EMDR-controls.

Right: Client's view, with therapist in main video window.

Host & client window. With EMDR-animation.

Left: Therapist's view with hidden controls.

Right: Client's view with active EMDR-animation.

We provide a reliable and secure service that is fully GDPR compliant. As a Therapists you can easily manage client-sessions and schedule appointments at any time.
If you create sessions per client, you can reuse the session credentials for multiple appointments. will automatically keep track of your sessions/appointments for your accounting.

Key features

Compatible with Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Edge, Mac OSX, Windows, Linux, VPN


Reliable service with high availability.

P2P connection with relay fallback.


Secure SSL connection 麓& SRTP protected video/data stream.


GDPR compliant.

No external ressources.


Easy to register and setup in no time.

Four easy steps to get going


All we need is your email.


Confirm your registration.

Set session name

Choose a session name.

Share credentials

Send invitation to your client.